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UAP | December 7, 2019

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Anca Smarandache Florentina

Anca Smarandache Florentina
Anca Smarandache
Anca Smarandache Florentina
“Stapanul Caciulii Galbene”ulei pe panza 60X80cm

Presentation of the Artistic Approach

In my works so far, an inclination towards human study, a constant insistence in solving the composition and the exploration of the texture of vividly and contrastingly colored strokes can be observed.

The figurative suggestion, despite being evident, is subordinated to the decorative principles. The space turns into an essential metaphorical element.

The allusions to the visual reality are obsessively used. I use to work in more than one layer of color, alternating spontaneous strokes with subtle transparencies of color that make reference to the patina of time leaving its mark on a mural painting.

I am attracted by the unit that can be created between the human presence and a decorative, architectural or natural element. Human portrait or fragments of portrait, are tapped in most of my works, filtering a real and an imaginary world. I like to capture human features; the features that define human character.

I experiment the rendering of clearly outlined shape, accompanied by a system of form symbols that tends toward visual abstraction. The flat and decorative character of the space surrounding the human figure is highlighted by a well defined chromatics, which relies on color differentiations in order to suggest depth.

I am depicting a figurative speech, in which the portrait functions as a mirror of our times and of passage of time, which leaves memorable traces.

Many of my compositions are symmetrical, having monumental character. The screens and geometric planes highlighting the portraits function as a reminder of a certain world in which man lives; a world full of symbols of space: vaults, spheres, walls, doors, windows, architectural landscapes, ornaments, objects, etc.