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UAP | June 6, 2020

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Andreea Brăescu

Andreea Brăescu
Adresa: Bucureşti – România
Tel: +40726 548 242


Prezentare Demers Artistic
The exhibition “L-Light-Light-Lumière-Luz-Licht”, the porcelain installation proposed by Andreea Brăescu (born 1985), graduated in 2008 from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, is a pulse shudder, a thunder. Or maybe, sometimes, a vortex, a whirlwind of light. A wave propagated to the others in the invisible and subtle ocean of vibration we are in. Like a river of particles born of glossy and fleshy gingko leaves, energy packs travel to us.
But how can we define light, this entity that can not be logically, completely and precisely outlined? Each group of craftsmen or artists could characterize light according to their concerns.
Thus the physicist claims that light is “an electromagnetic radiation or, in other words, a vibration of this field, accompanied by material particles called photons”; the biologist considers light “the source of oxygen created by plants for the benefit of other creatures, one of the factors without which plant photosynthesis could not take place”; the priest preaches: “Look around and you will see the wonderful drops made by God by His light on the first day of Creation”; the artist, on the other hand, knows that light is perceived only by the energy it delivers, that it is a way in which the mind makes sense of things.
“I create luminous installations that bring soul to space – a subtle game between understanding and feeling,” says the artist. “The atom of this work is the ginkgo leaf, which creates a plant that wants to capture the essence of the living nature: Light and Movement. I would say that I am trying to bring nature into the urban world. The installation goes further than the functional objective of enlightening the environment, defining the shape by light, and being perceived as a luminous sculpture. ”

Andreea, with her bright sculpture, makes us vibrate higher and be more compatible, more connected to external energies.

“And in the rush of foliage light
You’re making me innocent child again. ”

Nicolae Labiş

Cristina Bolborea
January 2018

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