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UAP | February 25, 2020

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Art in the window – Iulian Biserican @ Simeza

Art in the window – Iulian Biserican @ Simeza
IULIAN BISERICARU �(b. 1987) has graduated from the University of Arts and Design, the department of painting, Cluj-Napoca. He is currently working on his PhD paper, researching the links between architecture and painting. In 2009 he received a scholarship from the Art Academy in Macerta, Italy. He exhibited his works at the Calina Gallery in Timisoara/ RO in 2016 Triumph Gallery, Moscow / RU, in 2016 at the Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca / RO, in 2015 and 2016, at Atelier 4, Cluj-Napoca / RO, in 2015, at Cazarma Space in Timișoara Biennale / RO part of Art Encounters in 2015, at Victoria Art Center, Bucharest / RO in 2012. He is represented by Anca Poterașu Gallery, Bucharest, where he organized his first solo show in 2015 and takes part in the Artissima, Torino / IT and in the Spinnerei Galleries, Leipzig / DE in 2016, with the same gallery. He lives and works at Sibiu / RO.

Iulian Bisericaru’s latest series draws inspiration from the modern architectural developments in housing models, such as the one in post-war United States’ Long Island residential areas. The utopian architecture confronts the natural environments in portrayed convulsions of space of disputed territories. The vision reflected by Iulian Bisericaru when painting can be sensed somewhere between the Bay Area Figurative Movement and the lyrical abstraction provided with amendments, juxtapositions, sustained constructions, control, ecology, balance, bizarre plants. Visibly attractive, the image composes our perception regarding the possible, the apparent or perhaps even the concealed form. The painting’s surface is actually a discontinuous aggregate where images and ideas overlap. There is an abrasive conceptualism which selects the style of visual experience and the subjects that matter. �

Courtesy of Anca Poterașu Gallery