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UAP | May 26, 2020

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Baciu Alexandra

Baciu Alexandra
Baciu Alexandra
Adresa: București – România
Tel: +40721 330 399


Prezentare Demers Artistic
“Alexandra Baciu (…) is lucidly confronting with the desires of the pictorial expressions. In other words, she is looking for a way for the portrait as a painting if it may be said so. In this respect, she sets her goal and succeeds in doing so in a promising way in turning to the expression of the color – metaphore, at least to the same extent as she has the gift of representing the form and the space.
Conf. Univ. Dr. Cezar Atodiresei


„Alexandra Baciu suggests a different discourse on the relationship between man and woman, one that does not involve a supposed gender superiority, but entails a return to the archetypes, to the primordial. The project “Memories from another life” becomes an insight not only into the feminine universe, but also in the one of Alexandra. Wu Di- Asian Odalisk, Innuendo, Lakota – Dreamcatcher, Without Adam, When it snows no more, Self portrait with a red earring, are works that construct and are constructed by the variables of femininity: innocence, bashfulness, curiosity, defiance, aspects of the soul and of womanhood.”

Dr. Roxana Coman, Curator

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