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UAP | June 4, 2020

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The International Biennial of Miniature Art – Timisoara 2018

The International Biennial of Miniature Art – Timisoara 2018
The International Biennial of Miniature Art – Timisoara 2018 – is a multidisciplinary project of cultural education, which primarily aim is to open new perspectives and opportunities for interaction between artists, students and art lovers.

Being at it’s third edition, this event tries to establish bridges between culture and education, facilitating youth access to culture. Promoting creativity, developing new forms of artistic expression and intercommunity socialization, BIAMT helps to promote cultural diversity and the changing of mentalities.

Organizer: West University of Timisoara – Faculty of Arts and Design, Romania
Oficial languages: romanian and english

Conditions of participation:
1. The participation in the International Biennial of Miniature Art – Timisoara 2018 is opened to any artist whose minimum age is 18 years old and agree with this Regulation.
2. There are accepted works from the following fields of visual arts: painting, graphics (any technique, even digital techniques, including digital techniques), sculpture, ceramics, textile arts, photography (experimental photography included).
3. An artist can participate with up to two works. Participation in the exhibition is free.
4. The maximum dimensions admited are: 10x10cm – for dimensional works, if there is a framing or a passé partout 15×15/15cm. For three dimensional works the maximum dimensions are: 10x10x10cm, if there is a pedestal or a base the maximum dimensions are 20x20x20cm. The maximum permissible weight – 350 grams. Compliance with the dimensions and maximum weight of the works is mandatory. Works inappropriate for this requirement will be disqualified.
5. For the registration of the works at the BIAMT Exhibition each participant will send on-line the registration form in .doc format and the photo of the work / works in jpg format, separate from the form.
6. In order to register the papers for judging, each participant will send an e-mail containing two attachments: the digital enrollment form in editable format (.doc, .docx) and the photo of the work / works in jpg format. The photographs will be named as mandatory: first name, last name of the author, country, title of the work, section (Ex. Valentina Ştefănescu_ Romania_ Textile knots_ textile arts).
In order to make a correct judging, each participant will send, together with the participation form, a quality photograph of the work / works with the following minimum requirements: 300 dpi, the long side 1200 pixels. We highlight the need for a quality photo. For three-dimensional works, we request two photographs with different views.
The registration form must be filled in digitally with all the necessary information required by the organizers.
7. Deadline for submitting the application forms and the photos is 01 september 2018.
8. The works accepted after the judging will be sent by post or courier. The printed and signed application form will be send in original along with the work of art, by post or courier.
9. A Technical Commission will examine and check the status of the works at the time of receipt. If there are any damages, a report will be drawn up and transmitted to the author. The organizer is not responsible for damage to work during transport.
If the works are found to be damaged during transport, they do not comply with the technical specifications (dimensions, labeling, quality photo of the catalog) specified in this regulation or are inconsistent with the Biennial Regulation, the organizer reserves the right to reject these projects.
10. Each work must have the label attached to this regulation, applied on its reverse, completed on the computer with: the first name and last name of the author, the country / city, the title of the work, the section, the year of the completion of the work, and an arrow indicating the top of the piece.
11. The costs for sending the work to the biennial are supported by the participants. Attention! International parcels will be sent NON COMMERCIAL VALUE, otherwise they will not be picked up from the customs postal office.
12. The participating works will be donated by each participant and will enter the patrimony of the International Biennial of Fine Arts Timisoara – of the Faculty of Arts and Design of the West University of Timisoara. This donation is certified by signing the written agreement at the bottom of the application form.
13. The filling of the application form of the Timisoara Biennial of Fine Arts and its signing confirm the acceptance of the rules of the event.
14. The exhibited works may be the subject of television programs, may be reproduced in the press and published in the form of bulletins, catalogs or video materials, without any obligation on the part of the organizers to the authors.

Six equal prizes will be awarded for the following categories: painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, textile arts, photography
Each section is judged by a specialized jury composed of professional artists recognized in the field of visual arts.
The jury will select the works and then nominate the prizes awarded on the sections.
The jury’s decisions are final and without appeal.

General rules
The organizers will edit a catalog of the event in pdf format, which can be accessed online at: / sent to the e-mail address of the authors.

Participating artists will receive confirmation of participation by email. It is the artist’s responsibility to write the contact details correctly and clearly on the registration form. If the artist’s email is incorrect, BIAMT will not be responsible for not transmitting the information

Address: The email address to which the photos (jpg format) will be sent together with the registration form (doc format):
The address to which the works of art will be sent together with the signed original form: The International Biennial of Miniature Art – Timisoara 2018; THE FACULTY OF ARTS AND DESIGN ,STR. OITUZ, NR. 4, code 300086, TIMIŞOARA, TIMIS jud., ROMANIA
For further information, please contact the Director of the Biennial of Miniature Arts – Assoc. Valentina Stefanescu, e-mail:
and the link

Subscription period: July 1, 2018 – September 1, 2018 Judging: 03 – 06 September 2018
The decision of the jury will be emailed to the participants in the interval: 07 – 11 September 2018
Transmission of works: 12 September – 26 September 2018 (postmark)
Opening of the exhibition: October 26, 2018, 14.00
Exhibition duration: October 26, 2018 – November 15, 2018

Download from here: Participation form The International Biennial of Fine Arts Timisoara 2018-1