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UAP | July 24, 2017

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Furnea Maria

Furnea Maria
Furnea Maria
Adresa: Strada Simion Balint nr. 9, Arad – România
Tel: +40728.105.008

Over time

Prezentare Demers Artistic
A music of gray notes dedicated to human being

Maria Furnea accustomed us by now with eclectically themes, encompassing landscapes, still life, and compositions – all beautifully packaged inside diaphanous mystical surroundings giving sometimes the tribute to metaphysics and even to surrealism – art works craving for dreaming indulged with eyes open, mostly sheathed by tremendous drawing power in which the exquisitely steered color fills handsomely and compelling the spaces. But similar to many visual artists, in her present works we catch sight of a return to the postmodern human figure, a kind of recovery in terms of the figurative image – a figurative picture passing through the expression of art.

She succeed in using the hybrid technique, a kind of savored with stitched forms photo-painting. Starting from printed portraits, dressed into a palette appropriate to the proposed scope, the painting assigns the basic figure new meanings by graphical colored overlays, directing the contemplator’s mind to new ways of reading the message hidden within the painting.

Along the most of her art works we observe the delicately harmonized grays’ finesse of sensitive musicality. Many paintings shrouded the human figure with mystical colored grays, subject to chromatic breaks that dominate the ochers, the browns, and so on … which are meant to expose us the mysterious struggles of the characters, while maintaining the color balance unaltered.

We are dealing with a fine tuned chromatic sensitivity, with a keen visual dialogue. There are profound art works in which the chromatic eruptions ripen the harvest of the magma kneaded by human soul. There are living portraits, putting the grade on an ascending path for new artistic challenges.

Kett Groza Ioan

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