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UAP | May 26, 2020

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Klemenco Sofia

Klemenco Sofia
Klemenco Sofia
Adresa: Calea Romanilor, nr. 2, K 2-1, ARAD – România

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Timisoara, Bachelor-master of vizual art – decorativ art and design, UAP member of Arad. He participated in numerous exhibitions, painting competitions, the booth Group: Temeswar, Arad, Ramnicu Valcea, Drobeta Turnu-Severin and Hamburg, Saarbrücken – Germany. The booth statement: ,, Anatomy Flashing “(2010) ,,Meaning” (2013) ,, Irreversible” (2013).
Biennale: First International Small Graphic Biennial – “BIG -AR-1” (2012); Biennale Meeting Point ed. IV-a (2013); Second International Biennale of Small Graphics – “BIG -AR-2” (2014); Biennale Meeting Point, ed V-a (2015).
The topics approached start from forms that derive from the unconscious (from a spiritual plan such as memories, images): ovoid or an anthropomorphic mother form for example. Images, memories develop imaginary forms that take place in the spiritual
plane and which will be exteriorized.
As can be seen in the works, the possibilities of chromatic interpretation are varied, the details are significant, in essence forms that are required by presence, but also a rich imaginative source expressed by searching for more interiorized ways of expression. Between form and color there is a mutual interaction so the work becomes a world in itself, an autonomous universe with its own laws and profound spiritual resonnces. These abstract structures, the game between imaginary and real that materializes in the permanent dialogue with his creation and manifestations in accident, through associations and rhythms as a result of a visual illusion caused by a special imaginative force for example: novel, fantastic figures called pareidolie – is related to the abstract texture – here is a whole series of imaginative analogies.
Variations on this subject have also received some interpretations that emphasize the ability of language and image to build a fictitious and symbolic reader or to function as a “reminder.”

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