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UAP | September 16, 2019

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Mermeze Sibil Ruxandra

Mermeze Sibil Ruxandra
Adresa: str: Topolovaţ, nr. 8, bl.TD20, ap. 5, sect. 6, Bucureşti – România
Tel: +40729.595.084
e-mail: sibilmermeze@yahoo,com

Peformanţă solară_Solar performance - tapiserie_hautelise - 150x210 cm.

Peformanţă solară_Solar performance – tapiserie_hautelise – 150×210 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic
In the Tapestry theme of Ruxandra Sibil Mermeze we notice an attraction to the greatness of astral movements and their effect on the earth. Germination, fruiting, seasonal cycles have marked her creations and gave her the opportunity to demonstrate the power of suggestion of these great “mysteries” of life.
Adrian Silvan Ionescu

The Earth, the sun, the seed could form the symbolic triad around which the structure of all it’s ensemble is presented, with variations and inherent interleaving, with outputs from dominant repertoire in order to break a certain rhythm of speech, in support of discussing how vocabulary is established outside of stereotypes.
Virgil Mocanu
Sibil Mermeze is obsessed with shape, line, surface, articulating the composite geometry of the shapes generated by her imagination. Against this background, the sign, sprinkled like a constellation, as great as her compositional strength, which could visualize the appearance of a world in cosmological form.
Livia Stoenescu

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