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UAP | March 28, 2020

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Galateea Contemporary Art invites you, on Friday, January 12, 2018, at 7 p.m., to attend the varnishing of the exhibition METAPHORS – METAFORMS. Exhibitors: the students of the Ceramic – Glass – Metal Dept. at the University of Art and Design in Cluj
The exhibition METAPHORS – METAFORMS suggests a subtle play between understanding and feeling. Looking for the form / shape turns into an introspection.

We know shape stands for the basic dimension of the surrounding world. We constantly refer to shape, as the shape influences our progress within the Universe. We elude or look for the shape, and even try to dominate it in order to be able to go beyond it, into a space waiting to be discovered, in something we could call a metaphor.

If the metaphor implies a comparison and, in case of this project, a substitution, the allusion appears after a complex exercise of approach, introspection and understanding of geometry. Shapes enjoying plastic valences have issued from a diversified repertoire of geometric structures, networks, plane and/or three-dimensional equipartitions, yet going through plastic explorations as far as the chosen (understood) structures are concerned. The training continues with a vast repertoire of creative inventions carrying on certain three-dimensional structures able to match our emotional requirement and personal composition.

Therefore, the METAPHORS – METAFORMS have both plastic and sentimental value, representing the materialization of an initiating journey.

Exhibitors: the following students of the Ceramic – Glass – Metal Dept. at the University of Art and Design in Cluj
Beldiman Flavia
Bența Ioana
Bumb Sorina
Crînganu Iulia
Drînda Dumitrița
Dobrei Gabriela
Mariș Petra
Peticilă Jaklin
Polhac Sofia
Rob Anita
Roman Alexandru
Sîrghie Alexandru
Țîra Smaranda
Dr. Cristina Metea, lecturer
Dr. Marius Silviu Georgescu, reader

The exhibition can be visited in the period January 12 – February 07 2018.
Free entrance

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