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UAP | June 1, 2020

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Milu Nemethi Smaranda

Milu Nemethi Smaranda
Milu Nemethi Smaranda
Adresa: Atelier: Strada Baratiei 44, Piata Unirii, Sector 3, Bucuresti – România
Tel: +40725 927 930

Deer – Collection of Little Things – Oil

Prezentare Demers Artistic
As a painter, I always think of series of paintings, through which I seek to touch a sensitive spot of my viewer’s soul, through universal themes that do not take into account the geographic positioning of my audience.

If in my first years of painting I created collections that impressed through the dramas of human existence, such as “The Trashed Souls”, after a while I came to understanding that pain and generally feelings with negative connotations are so widespread among mankind of all times that the accentuation of this aspect by artistic means is almost immoral and I have committed to offer, through my creation, an area of emotional comfort in which the audience can escape from the coditian, so the collection like “Anatomy of a Kiss” or “The Little Things ” were born.

Although apparently the two collections differ both in theme and dimension, both seek to evoke the positive feelings that by our nature we often believe we do not deserve or forget about, but to which we aim.

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