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UAP | December 9, 2019

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Neamţu Cela

Neamţu Cela
Neamţu Cela
Adresa: Str. Valea Ialomiţei nr. 3 Bl. D22 ap. 3 Bucureşti – România
Tel: +40723.579.475

Altar - Altar - tapiserie - haute lisse 220x240 cm

Altar – Altar – tapiserie – haute lisse 220×240 cm/span>

Prezentare Demers Artistic
My name is Cela Neamtu. I am Romanian artist, member of the Romanian Fine Artists Union. I am working and living in Bucharest.
My roots are deeply grounded in my native land. Each time I need to find the necessary energy in order to begin a new work of art, I go to the village where I was born, located near Iasi, at the foot of an ancient forest. For an artist, the native climate is essential; it represents the lifeblood of his/her existence and inspiration.
I try to achieve it in monumental, elgant shapes, in rigorous dialogue with architectural space, in retained lyricism and in the interference between figurative and abstract styles.
In all my thematic cycles: Shrines, Windows, Sky flowers, Birds, Hrisoave, Archeology, Windows for Jericho, I constantly preserved the dialogue between tradition and modernity, between the poetical and the mythical content in every image.
“Windows” is one of my favourite topics. Why window? I think it represents the most decorative architectural element featuring a stylistic structure, an inside and outside, a here and a there.
I have a fair idea of the meaning of inside and here. Silent and mysterious remain for me outside and beyond.
For viewers this dialogue of shapes might be disturbing and challenging.
A full spectrum of colours is really a feeling, a mood.
I hope that the “windows” of my exhibition will open not only to idealists and poets, but to all those in the world with a tolerant and respectful love.
Cela Neamţu 15th Februarz 2010 Gruiu,Romania

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