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UAP | February 28, 2020

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ARTA Magazine # 26-27 / 2017 DADA

ARTA Magazine # 26-27 / 2017 DADA

DADA – Revista ARTA # 26-27 / 2017 has been launched
Press release

No. 26-27 / 2017 of Revista ARTA is now published in print format. This edition contains a thematic section, curated by Igor Mocanu, entitled Researching the Avant-garde and dedicated to the contemporary areas of research concerning the historical avant-garde in Romania and the world at large.

„Contrary to expectations, the historical avant-garde has actually represented a constant subject for Revista ARTA, beginning with the late ’50, when Jules Perahim and M.H. Maxy were part of the editorial board, up until the end of the ’80, when major artists of the movement were brought back into discussion, artists such as Victor Brauner, Hans Máttis-Teutsch, Miliţa Petraşcu and Irina Codreanu. ARTA is also the magazine that devoted, in a three part edition in 1990, numbers 6-7-8, a consistent thematic section on the Romanian Avant-gardes, coordinated by the critic and theoretician Adrian Guţă and excitedly titled The Avant-gardefor and against. The research gathered in this present edition does not, as it might seem so far, resume and continue the discussion outlined by those previous attempts, rather being the result of two extra-thematic points which come into contact. The necessity and the  urgency of such an undertaking is especially justified by the degree of novelty in commentary and historiographical data ushered in by the series of celebrations of the Dadaist Centenary, which took place frequently last year, both in Romania and abroad. The local contemporary debate regarding the historical avant-gardes, still absorbed by a literary-centric perspective, has paid very little attention to the visual discourse of these movements, not to mention their performative, philosophical or even political dimensions. Another unique contribution to this edition is the publishing, for the first time in Romanian, as a poster inside the magazine, of the Le Soulèvement de la Jeunesse Manifesto, launched by Isidore Isou in 1950 in Paris.” (Igor Mocanu)

Authors of contributions: Igor Mocanu, Ioana Ciocan, Raya Zommer-Tal, Dan Gulea, Tom Sandqvist, Mihaela Pop, Cristian Iftode, Mircea Valeriu Deaca, Dan Victor, Luiza Barcan, Aleca Bunescu, Doina Anghel, Marina Vanci-Perahim, Veronica Kirchner, Roxana Gibescu, Cathérine Hug, Adrian Notz, Timothy Shipe, Radu Stern, Frédéric Acquaviva, Isidore Isou.

This edition also contains:

– Artist reviews on
Liviu Russu and Katja Lee Eliad (discussed by Adrian Guţă and Valentina Iancu, respectively), Serghei Chiviriga (in a conversation with Igor Mocanu), as well as a portrait of Viorel Cosor, written by Ciprian Radovan.

– Exhibitions in Romania
Reports and critical analyzes by Maria Zintz, Octav Avramescu, Corina Ilea, Alexandru Polgár, Raluca Băloiu, Magda Cârneci, Igor Mocanu, Kata Ungvári-Zrínyi, Alexandra Manole and Andreea Grecu.

– International exhibitions
Denise Parizek, Timea Andrea Lelik, Andreea Grecu, Veronica Kirchner, Mihaela Varzari and Andra Chiţimuş analyze some of the recent exhibitions and events from around the world.

The edition also includes a series of reviews on the latest editorial publications, by Eleonora Farina, Magda Cârneci, Ioana Vlasiu and Ioana Marinescu.

Enjoy your reading!
ARTA Magazine Team


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Revista ARTA can be bought, starting with August 1st, 2017, in bookshops around the country such as Cărturești, Humanitas, Librarium, Alexandria, Hecate, Open Art, P U N C H; in Relay and Inmedio newsstands; in partner galleries such as ODD, Galeria Posibilă, Mobius Gallery; from our editorial office, as well as in UAP local headquarters. By clicking on the title of each magazine in the „Shop” page, you can buy individual issues either as digital content or in print format. For orders outside the EU please email us.

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