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UAP | iulie 26, 2017

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November 25, 2013 Ab/aleh


We – the steering committee of European Tapestry Forum  – is sending this letter to all the professional artist weavers who applied to participate in the touring shows  ARTAPESTRY1,  ARTAPESTRY2, and  ARTAPESTRY3. We hereby announce our Call-for-Entries to ARTAPESTRY4.

We have attached a Call-for-Entries and an Application form and hope that you will participate this time as well. The deadline is about three months from now on March 15, 2014. You will also find the forms for downloading on our website

The ARTAPESTRY3 exhibition is still touring. It will open in Angers in France on January 28. This exhibition will be a one-off revised format at the behest of the museum, integrating a selection of works from ARTAPESTRY3 with holdings from the museum’s own collection. Afterwards it continues to its final venue in Riga in Latvia. Here it will be part of the arrangements celebrating Riga as one of the European Cultural Cities of 2015.

ARTAPESTRY3 has been more than well received at all the previous venues – see articles and photos on our website – and we hope that your participation in the next show will increase the ARTAPESTRY profile even more.

We do hope that many of you will join and have one, or up to three works to enter.

The Committee has been working hard to find some good and interesting new venues and already four places are confirmed in Finland, Germany, Austria and Denmark. These four museums are booked for 2015, and we hope to continue to two or three more venues in 2016.

Here we ask all of you in your different European countries to assist the Committee to find these venues for 2016. You know your country and its cultural possibilities and where you would like your tapestry to be presented together with 40 – 50 other tapestries. Please send us your suggestions and ideas and the Committee will take over for all practicalities.

The ETF Committee and the five Jury members do look forward to receive lots of applications for ARTAPESTRY4, and we promise to turn this show to another fantastic event.



By Anet Brusgaard

Anunț important

privind transmiterea datelor pentru legitimații,

Pentru preschimbarea/tiparirea legitimațiilor noi de tip CARD, va rugăm să trimite-ți fotografia portret ăn format 3/4 cm cât și copia actului de identitate doar la adresa de e-mail: Datele trimise către oricare alta adresă de email din domeniul, nu garantează că acestea ajunge la HR pentru prelucrare și tipărire, pentru ridicarea ei este necesară plata cotizației la zi.

Vă reamintim că puteți să vă creați propria pagină de autor pe WWW.UAP.RO, astfel trimite-ți pe adresa de e-mail următoarele documente:

  • fotografie autor 1 buc.
  • fotografie lucrare reprezentativă 1 buc.
  • CV în română și CV în engleză
  • date de contact, adresă, telefoane (fix, mobil), adresă de e-mail, adresă site
  • scurt text critic sau de autor în română și engleză