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UAP | noiembrie 24, 2017

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Sixth International Biennial The Art of Miniature, 2017 @ Ruse, Bulgaria

Sixth International Biennial The Art of Miniature, 2017 @ Ruse, Bulgaria
“There is nothing that man fears more than the touch of the unknown…” (Elias Canetti)
27 October – 30 December 2017, Ruse, Bulgaria

The main goal of The International Biennial The Art of Miniature is to promote and encourage the creation of miniature works of Fine Arts and Photography. The International Biennial The Art of Miniature is held every two years, with the first edition in 2007.

The organizers of the International Biennial The Art of Miniature are Municipality Ruse, Ruse Art Gallery, the Union of Bulgarian Artists – Sofia and Union of Artists – Ruse
2. The International Biennial The Art of Miniature is organized under the patronage of the Mayor of Ruse. The organization and the implementation of the biennial are realized by the Art Gallery – Ruse.
The selection and awards of International Biennial The Art of Miniature are determined by a specially appointed jury, included representatives of the Municipality Ruse, Union of Bulgarian Artists – Sofia, Art Gallery – Ruse and international artists and art critics.
The VI International Biennial The Art of Miniature is implemented in the exhibition spaces of Ruse Art Gallery, during the period October- December.
The organizers issue a Catalog of participating and awarded works.

Ruse Municipality provides a large prize in the amount of 1000 BGN and five equal prizes of 400 BGN for the different types of artworks: painting, graphics, sculpture, painting and photography.
Material Award of the public is provided, and determined by voting in the exhibition hall during the opening, as well as the awards of cultural institutions, organizations, sponsors.
The awarded works under item 1 is entered into the fund of the Art Gallery – Ruse.

1. The International Biennial The Art of Miniature is opened to national and international artists, who accept this statute.
2. In the International Biennial The Art of Miniature are admitted artworks – paintings, prints, sculpture, drawing and photography, that meet the following criteria: the display area of the two-dimensional works should not exceed 110 square centimeters (for example: 10 x 11 cm, 7 X 15 cm, etc.) ; the three dimensional works – 10 cm width / 10 cm depth / 12 cm height, excluding the base. All prints and castings should have an issue number.
3. The submitted works must be created by the participants and be owned by them. Each author participates with no more than three (3) works in each section. The works have to be created in the last two years.
4. Each author sends his/her works with a completed and signed registration form in Bulgarian or in English both on paper and in electronic form to the e-mail: The registration form can be downloaded from the gallery’s website:
5. The participation fee is 10 Euro for artists from abroad and 20 BGN- for authors from Bulgaria, paid only by bank transfer to the following account:
Office Ruse Municipality, 6 Svoboda Sq.
IBAN BG 95IORT73793100039400
Ruse Art Gallery
The reason for the payment is the full name of the participant and the International Biennial The Art of Miniature.
6. Authors who have not paid the fee have no rights to be selected and to participate in the exhibition.
7.The transport costs of the artworks to the specified address below and for the return, are covered by the participant. The Organizer is not responsible for damages during the transportation due to any reasons.
8. The Organizer should return the artworks within one month after the end of the exhibition at the expense of the participant. If the author wishes, he can make a donation.
9. Each participant receives a catalog of the exhibition.
10. Every participant who signed the registration form agrees that his works will be used by the organizers for the advertising purposes of the biennial.


17.10.2017 – Deadline for receiving the artwork at the specified address
20.10.2017 – Selection of artworks by the jury
27.10.2017 – Opening of the exhibition and announcement of the jury and audience awards
30.12.2017 – Closing of the exhibition

Address for correspondence and receipt of entries:
International Biennial The Art of Miniature
Ruse Art Gallery
39, Borisova Street
7000 Ruse

Contact details: Tel: +359 82 82 17 35


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