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UAP | July 5, 2022

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Chinschi Teodora

Chinschi Teodora
Adresa: Calea Victoriei, nr.16-20, Pasaj Villa-Crosse, Scara D,et.II,sector 3, Bucureşti – România
Tel: +40213.113.215, +40734.945.666

Crengi cu mere-Apple twigsT- acuarelă-hârtie - watercolor-paper - 25x35cm.

Apple-twigsT- watercolor-paper-25x35cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

In my opinion the craftsmanship made with faith, seriousness and profoundness is the one that gives durability to the work of art. The artist should possess a good mastery of drawing, colour and composition; he should also know how to graps the nature and the expression of the character.
My source of inspiration, in the painting I create, is nature and its essential element- the human being. The inspiration of each artist is of divine nature and is designed to purify people, to create a world in which liberty, peace and the sublime should dominate.
The beautiful means truth, good, divinity, ascension, tenderness and attitude against everything that is lie in this world.
Teodora Chinschi

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