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UAP | August 18, 2022

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Jurca Marius

Marius Jurca
Jurca Marius
Adresa: Str. George Buitu, Bl. 20, Sc.A, Ap.5, Caransebeș – România

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Prezentare Demers Artistic

ˮMarius Jurca belongs to an experimental direction specific to the digital creation, in which the individual, defined as both ego and freedom, becomes the subject of investigation… a young artist of the generation 2000, is placing on the level of the already cultural freedom, the construction of his expression code – a freedom of choice built on the foundation of the abstract dimension of the number, of the letter and of the calendar. This spatial delimitation of the 5.120 cases results from a calculation of a random number of pixels or alphabetical combinations – the random number creates the background for this artistic discourse of an ego that aspires simultaneously and symmetrically towards a certainty of a order without epical consistancy and a haphazard which generates the world through the effect of the code evolution, in a permanent construction and de-construction.ˮ
Alexandra Ionescu Titu, ˮCode Equals Freedomˮ, in Isomorphism, No.1, March 2012, p. 46.

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