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UAP | November 28, 2022

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Adrian Marian

Nistor Laurențiu
Adrian Marian
Adrian Marian
Adresa: str Oglinzilor, nr. 18, Bl. 34, sc. C, et. III, ap. 10, Timișoara – România
Tel: +40256.465.741

Harmonious Spirals “48” – Tempera-cardboard;  70x70cm


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Preocupări recente au ca obiect estetica generativă finalizată în expoziţiile personale „Moiré” şi „Spirale”.
Ultimele studii au ca obiect legătura între număr şi algoritm ca metodă de cercetare teoretică şi aplivativă în domeniul designului şi transpunerea ei în artă.
“Not only a sensitive spirit but also a cultivated, inventive and prodigious one, an erudite teacher with the vocation of communication , Adrian M. Marian makes design efficient, a field that is so important in building a contemporary Romanian society. He made himself know first in the ‘80s, in the product design area, as a project leader in the car prototype program for Dacia 500 Lastun. He involved himself a lot into graphic design area , taking part in publicity programs. He was also interested in ambiental-structural design, producing many op – art games and studied spatial effects. Later on he showed a special lean on growing theories – a quality that arose from a basis of a strong knowledge in the field and a Cartesian structure. This is what encouraged him to launch himself into a passionate work of fundamental research in the field of measuring the chromatic phenomena – with interdisciplinary applications (an effort that was accomplished by his remarkable doctoral thesis, in 2002). He developed systematic studies regarding the preferences for the color in Romania – he wrote the first Color system SCR – 5969 – and creates the premises for using the psychological mix of colors in the visual arts.” Negoiţă Lăptoiu, 2003, Enciclopedia Artiştilor Români Contemporani, Editura ARC 2000, Bucureşti, 2003, pag.112
Recent activities have been developed regarding the generative esthetics and have been accomplished by his personal exhibitions „Moiré” and „Spirals”, 2012
The latest studies concern the relations between the number and the algorithm as a method of theoretical research with application into the design field and also transposition into the artistic field.

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