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UAP | May 22, 2022

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Alexandru Viorica Ghiorghiţa

Alexandru Viorica Ghiorghiţa
Adresa:  Bucureşti – România

Sclavia zborului - Flight slavery - acrilic-pânză, acryl-canvas - 120x100 cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

In her paintings Viorica Ghiorghita Alexandru works with different types of abstraction. Usually, on a geometrical background which structures the composition, a repertoire of informal but organized elements is overlaid.
Her earlier works hosted reminiscences of a figuration placed halfway between mimetic ambitions and formal synthesis, the entire composition being rigorously divided into central and peripheral areas. This strategy of marking such diverse referential fields meet, tensions the images while liberating the act of painting.
The decorative regime of these images is sustained by the chromatics as well, contrasts never rupturing the surface but being local accents in a harmony of warm or cold colors. Most of the colors are mixed nuances, red hues are toned down with earth browns, blue meets cold green or violet gray. Warmer ,more intense tones of green, yellow or purple, magenta, shaped geometrically, create possible visual centers, subordinate to the structure of the whole.
These oppositions: shape/color, formal/informal, figuration/geometry can be lectured beyond the purely decorative beauty. Some compositions, build symmetrically around a vertical axis, suggest by means of dark,light, cold and warm colors a certain depth, without altering the bidimensional effect.”
Alexandra Titu
Traducere: Alexandra Olivoto

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