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UAP | November 28, 2022

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AMORPHOS – BIANCA MANN @ Go Contemporary

AMORPHOS – BIANCA MANN @ Go Contemporary
Nistor Laurențiu

The project “Amorphos” is inspired by the inkblot test designed by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach. I took this test and I interpreted in a three-dimensional manner the forms on the ten Rorschach cards thus becoming one of the subjects that visually interpret the form. When I am in front of the inkblots, I come into relationship with undefined, amorphous forms and involuntarily I begin to look for a sense, discovering the defined forms within. From these blots I obtained amorphous objects in which I evoke new meanings by interpreting them through volume.
Using my own mask as a figurative mode brings me in direct relationship with the non-figurative and impersonal form that I interpret.

Bianca Mann

Established in September 2015, Go Contemporary art gallery aims to promote Romanian and foreign emerging artists. The project started as a natural next step to Go Art Projects, nomad contemporary art space, launched in November 2014. The two initiatives are fueled by the same desire to promote talented emerging artists, with a special focus on artists at the beginning of their careers, but each has its own path: Go Art Projects is an open platform mainly for collective exhibitions, it is nomad and hosts events in different art-welcoming spaces, both in Romania and abroad; Go Contemporary has a fixed location in Bucharest and focuses on promoting a limited number of artists.