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UAP | September 18, 2021

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Andor Komives

Andor Komives
Andor Komives
Adresa: Aleea Azuga, nr. 9, Ap 2, Cluj-Napoca – România
Tel: +40722-840.450
e-mail: andor.komives@gmail.com

A story from Banffy Palace

A story from-Banffy Palace

Prezentare Demers Artistic

In this global postmodern present I aim to resonate with and react, through tender irony, to everything that affects me and to all that intersects my life: real and imaginary characters, angels and demons, characters from comic books or from the new contemporary myths and utopias. Lacking the frustration of time, space or cultural context, these beings springing from the collective imagination communicate with incredible ease in my paintings, making remarks on the problems of our world today: globalization, war, politics, consumerism, culture and the new utopias. The images are slightly provocative, ironic and self-ironic, through their up-to-date and direct message. They do not aim to confer a cozy aesthetic and intellectual comfort but, on the contrary, to question a series of mental stereotypes, to trigger dialogue, debate, and self-reflection. Without giving up on painting as a means of expression they incorporate fragments, quotations (that gloss on comic books, graffiti, historical engravings, posters and commercials) that confer them a certain ambiguity. They don’t belong to any particular genre and this amplifies and nuances their connections and meanings. Beyond their playfulness and irony that one notes at the first look, the viewer is invited to discover a more profound and sober something else.

Andor Kőmives

website link: www.andorkomives.ro,