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UAP | May 28, 2022

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Andrieș Ina Elena

Andries Ina Elena
Andrieș Ina Elena
Adresa: Comuna Florești, Cluj – România
Tel: +40744. 926. 246

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Coral island, haute lisse

Prezentare Demers Artistic

I followed the path of decorative art in highschooll, and also during college. Teodora Stendl and Camelia Tănasă (Rusu) are the names that always accompany me in approaching my work. Weaving, for me, it’s like painting on forever sunrises, sunsets, landscapes reflected in running waters’s mirror, over which gently blows the wind of the imaginary. This way, threads succeed in coming alive, both on the heat and the light of the Sun, and on the discreet appearance of the Moon. Combining reality with fantasy is a significantly feature for the compositions I create, mostly open compositions, the maining source of inspiration being nature, this wonderful space where you can find at every step balance, variety, harmony, unity in diversity, exquisite beauty.
The techniques I use in making tapestries are the classic ones, respectively haute-lisse and basse-lisse.
Among my searches you can also find the textile object and modular installation. Also, I continue my
research on the world of silkscreening printing, of which I started to learn about during master classes, carried out between the years 2004-2006.

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