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UAP | January 27, 2020

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abNORMAL @ National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania

abNORMAL @ National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania
On February 1, 2018, starting at 7:00 PM, a first event in the frame of the Gheorghe Rasovszky abNORMAL exhibition (23.11.2017 – 01.04.2018) will take place, on the third floor of the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania.

Art critic and art historian Adrian Guță will have a face to face dialogue with artist Gheorghe Rasovszky, who will speak about his art parcourse. In the second part of the event, there will be a Q&A session where the audience is invited to take part.

Moreover, on the occasion, the Gheorghe Rasovszky monographic album, newly published by the Ephemair Association in partnership with the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania, co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration will be presented. The monography has been edited by Gheorghe Rasovszky and Simona Vilău, the curator of the exhibition.

Gheorghe Rasovszky (n.1952) works with drawing, collage, mixed painting, painting, photography, video and installation. Part of the 1980s generation, he was included in the periodical articles and studies by art critics Mihai Ispir, Adrian Guţă or Magda Cârneci, promoted by Ruxandra Balaci in the ’90s and 2000s. Gheorghe Rasovszky has a singular personality, dug his own way into a hard-to-break mountain with his acid and sensitive spirit, difficult to put a finger on geographically and geopolitically.

The aNORMAL exhibition is built as a kaleidoscope of images old and new, where the old ones were mostly printed on photographic paper or on very large poly planes. In this exhibition, the temporal axis turns from a straight line into a loop or a spiral, the past is now being mixed up, both of which have a recurring influence on the future, which is no longer well-known. The demiurgic game of elements, in which the macrocosm becomes a microcosm, in the modern key of surrealism and alchemical permutations, is the favorite activity of the artist, who migrates from one area to another with the ease of a magician. Music is poetry, poetry is image, image is text, and text is sound. The exhibition opens up a small realm of all possibilities. The geometrically well-ordered scenography with studio lighting and a degree of adaptability to the space-time conditions, the immersion of a playful archive in the space of a flexible museum, and the well-built “carpet feeling” that bears the viewer in any place they desire to be, speak of the fact that Gheorghe Rasovszky has reached the personal stage in which he directs all the instrumentation he created, and on this occasion, the audience has the opportunity to read the artist’s complex individual mythology up to the age of 65 from left to right (but also from right to left). (Simona Vilău)

The event will take place in Romanian only. Participation is free.

Both car and pedestrian access are now made on the B3 gate (entrance to the museum).