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UAP | June 3, 2020

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Baban Gabrel

Baban Gabrel
Adresa: Str. Sucevei, nr. 70, sc. B, ap. 9, Fălticeni, Suceava – România
Tel: +40230.543.356, +40745.586.532

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„Seara la fântână”, 50x60 cm. Ulei-pânză „Evenings at the fountain”, 50x60 cm. oil on canvas

„Evenings at the fountain”-50×60-cm. oil on canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic

I think that it is still valid in the present judgment that painting is the Queen of Arts. That is because it requires a complex development and its perception determins a more direct emotional involvement. Regardless of style or trends, besides a successful construction, the final status of a painting requires a good drawing, but first of all the color.
Being most often concerned with landscapes, I had in mind each time the optimal organization of the area and especially a certain color theme. Depending on the chosen subject I decided to use a simple or composite range, restricted or wider agreements, a gray colored palette, contrasts, or clearly-obscure. Vision, state of mind, impression, certainly had an important role in the development of the work. The type of painting and the personal style have appeared naturally as a result of constant work, and the experience gained over time. I have never intended to start any artistic revolution and any originality at any cost. I have always wanted that the trivial topics around us to dress a different “coat”. I’ve always enjoyed infinite harmonies of colors and with every painting I have sought to suggest different aspects of the normal. When I chose the rural subjects I didn’t want to submit myself to the ethnographs, but I paid attention to the details for their boundless beauty. In the case of the urban landscape I have never intended to imortalise but to capture the game of shapes and light.

Gabrel Baban

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