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UAP | July 9, 2020

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Moldovan Lavinia Maria

Moldovan Lavinia Maria
Adresa: Str. Rapsodiei nr. 3,ap. 70, Baia Mare – jud. Maramureş – România
Tel: +40747662221

Fecioara Maria - Virgin Mary - tehnică mixtă-sticlă - mixed technique-glass - 60x80 cm.

Virgin Mary – mixed technique-glass – 60×80 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

The masterpieces of the artist Lavinia Moldovan are made in a decorative formula in which the icon painted on glass’ sobriety is merged with the symbolist and graceful Japanese art and of course the art-decco. Lavinia Moldovan managed to apply an original artistic formula in which the conception of creation is raised above these somehow general directions, giving them a personal character. The worksheet is glass , and that because it has advantages like transparency quality and luminosity quality the colours are getting. The masterpieces are dynamic both through their rich chromatic and line, shape and border sinuosity which reveal a part of the ludic spirit of the artist. All these are completed by the golden and silver sheet’s nobility which appear both in icons and even in masterpieces which have other themes, such as the landscape.
The art created by Lavinia Moldovan is a modern one but it keeps its sincerity and it manages to create picturality in decorative masterpieces.

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