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UAP | November 28, 2022

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Bara Jichița Maria

Nistor Laurențiu
Bara Jichiță Maria
Bara Jichița Maria
Adresa: Timișoara, România
Tel: +40256 284 716, +40744 194 017



Prezentare Demers Artistic

“The artist approaches the figurative in order to discover the surrounding world and its inconstant aspects, which abundantly provide her with a never-failing source of inspiration and pictorial elements. Her look concentrates either on the landscape, seen in its endless variety, or on a still life. The images appear as if they were intercepted through a window – an esthetic allusion from the period of Renaissance highlighting the painting as a window […]
Thus the painting of Maria Bana reveals a complementary nature where the almost masculine vigour of compositions, the chromatic energy and graphic pressures are tempered by some feminine sensitiveness and tenderness in front of nature.”
ILEANA PINTILIE – critic of art

“The exhibition evokes, in a unitary way, a world resulted from transparency, a world of vegetal and aerian transparencies; on the other hand, it promotes the supplementary transparencies, added like a veil, like a filter between the scenery and one’s eye. Thus the light is provoked like a substance or fluidity, but also like a screening action, to enrich those seen through a diaphanous structure, perceptible especially in discreet geometric effects. In fact, the juxtaposition of this curtain veil favours and equalises the light, attenuates the outlines, harmonises the colours, brings things closer to each other, relating them to the way in which these functionalities are usually fulfilled by the chromatic dominant. The subtext referring to the works presented drives the artistic communication through more archetypal orifices: the light, vegetation, flowers, window.”
IOAN IOVAN – critic of art, fragment from the article published in
Supplement of culture, literature and art in „Renaşterea bănăţeană” nr. 4212, December 2, 2003

Translation into English Dr. Rita Tasi.

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