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UAP | August 11, 2022

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Bartoş Maria Nicoleta

Bartoş Maria Nicoleta
Nicole Bartos
Bartoş Maria Nicoleta
Adresa: U.K. – România
Tel: +40740 393 587

Nicole Bartos, Capturing Threads of Light, 2010, oil on canvas

Capturing Threads of Light, oil on canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Nicole Bartos mingles metaphysical and spiritual philosophy with meditation and pure art; her works embrace an invisible side of the world; she aims to paint the uncontrolled and immaterial, the ethereal, and builds in, pure chromatic, flowing energy and a concept of fusion with the ‘Light’.
Her works are mainly created along with meditative, instrumental, classical music, voice or simply silence and her creative portfolio speaks about silence, music, stillness, light, meditation, thought vibration, prayer.

Romanian-British artist and curator of Hungarian-Romanian origins, based in Liverpool, Nicole Bartos has experienced art in many different forms with great dedication and a thirst for discovery, experiment and authenticity.

Her best artistic achievements are in the field of mixed media, experimental art, land art, site specific installation, abstract painting, experimental drawing, photography and ceramics sculpture.

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