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UAP | July 5, 2022

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Boar Dan

Boar Dan
Adresa: Splai Gheorghe Magheru, bl.330, sc.B, et.II, ap.6 – Arad – România
Tel: +40745.019.832

Invertebrates - linocut -100x70cm

Nevertebrate – Invertebrates – linogravură – linocut -100x70cm

Prezentare Demers Artistic

The printmaking, the xylography occupies a very important part in the art history annals. Traditionalism, innovation, technique and artistry are just a few basic reference marks used to define this type of printmaking. In the beginning it was considered more of a craft than a form of art. However, time and the artist’s attitude changed it into art expression. The need to have a total control over the work of art as well as the artist’s need to transpose on paper an exquisite, several centuries old technique, had a huge impact. It is important to point out that the letterpress technique has remained almost unchanged, in spite of the flight of time. Traditionalism still occupies the main position in this art domain, which is very restrictive in technique but extremely innovative on its conceptual level. I chose this type of printmaking due to its technical simplicity. My personal artistic creed perfectly fits this technique and offers me the opportunity to display my knowledge and artistic vision with the help of the relief print technique. It is extremely interesting, for a young man to use this technique in order to obtain performance. I would like to engrave as detailed as possible, while on an ideational level I would like to tackle as many subjects as possible. For this reason, xylography is a printmaking genre which can render all the craftsmanship with the help of a limited number of material resources, allowing to reach a high level of artistic expression.
Dan Boar

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