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UAP | July 1, 2022

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Bocaniciu N. Torino

Bocaniciu N. Torino
Adresa: Aleea Parcului, nr. 12 – Deva – jud. Hunedoara – România
Tel: +40745.267.512 : +40729.902.794

Return to forever - acrylic-pânză - acryl-canvas - 130x110 cm
Return to forever – acryl-canvas – 130×110 cm
Prezentare Demers Artistic

The picto-musical fractal on the asphalt

Fractals are a proposal for the rational exploration of transcendental reality. Torino suggests a retrieval of some natural magic, which, by ignoring it, we waste. Since Agrippa, the natural magician defines himself through the basic permanent elements and the forces, which set them in movement.
Permanent obsessions are to be retrieved in the concept’s definitions on the asphalt: a world, with visual forms and its own visuality; a pretext for visual experiments; a two-way road between the color white and the non-color black; the most concrete and inevitable physical and moral space; something which accompanies a man’s whole life, from his childhood to the moment the funeral car goes on the asphalt.
At Agrippa, the forces, which set magic in motion, were four enchanted winds: Zephyrus (violet Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussain), Boreas (carmine Bjork), Eurus (azure Enia), Notus (vermillion Yes). At Torino, there is added the burnt sienna of Jethro Tull minstrels – a wind of the legends of the magic life of the medieval forest, and the Prussia blue Pink Floyd – a wind of the drama of the human being when confronted with cosmos.
Let us add magic incantations too: towards the social – ignoring visual experiments, accidental or not, we end in ignoring our own sentiments and experiences; from Che Guevara – the conviction that there is no success which is not perfectible.
Through all incertitude and doubts, the joy of the quest brings on canvas the Hopscotches. Sometimes impromptus, other times concerti grossi: travelogues of a journey beyond mathematics: never predictable.
The asphalt, infinite, a guaranty we will always meet new quests. Hopscotches, a proof that, without joy, the magic of the quest does not exist. And the child’s joy that the asphalt he is playing on is transfinite.
The Torino fractal hopes to determine the watcher to play hopscotch with his own incertitude and doubts of slave of the abusive spirit of exploration. And make them transmigrate in the joy of this banquet in honor of the auto prodigal sons of the quest.

Ioan Hălălae

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