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UAP | July 7, 2022

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Boicescu Traian Ștefan

Boicescu Traian Ștefan
Boicescu Traian Stefan
Boicescu Traian Ștefan
Adresa: B_dul: Tudor Vladimirescu Nr.32; Bl.5, Sc.A, Ap.1, Râmnicu Vâlcea – România
Tel: +40745.253.974

Boicescu T.S - FOSILE FOSSILS; (tapiserie,tapestry) 170x260cm;haute-lisse

FOSSILS-tapestry-170x260cm. haute-lisse

Prezentare Demers Artistic

” Traian Ştefan Boicescu has been lately a constant presence at both personal and group tapestry exhibitions; his participation was, however, a discrete one, because of his self-imposed exigence. The artist’s work is remarkable by the careful balance between background and message, as well as form and vocabulary and by the classical vibration given by the successive purifications that he uses and that paradoxically improve the forms. The transformation from analytical to synthetic can be seen in the drawing of some shell’s delicate turnings or in some vegetable structure’s expressive forms of spread traces which preserve the initial identity of the motive, the artist being able to convey new expressive values to a familiar universe. The decoration of his tapestries is enhanced by the refined chromatic which includes either only a reduced number of colours or harmonious combinations.
The pedantry of his works – that can be observed in each element of his textile creations and which doesn’t spoil the plastic “pleasure” is to be seen again in the artist’s oil paintings. Being especially panoramic landscapes from the Mediterranean area (the artist obviously and unwillingly continuing the good tradition of some Romanian artists of the interwar period, whom he met there), the paintings put together and reveal the visual impressions of a well-trained lyrical spirit. Due to the nervous and angular graphic sketches that he uses to depict the docks and the buildings rising between the sky and the water (compact surfaces of discretely vibrated colour), his oil-painting seem stronger and more consistent.”

Aurelia Mocanu
Art Critic
The Journal of Galleries – Cultural Radio

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