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UAP | October 22, 2021

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Botar Laszlo

Botar Laszlo portret
Botar LAszlo
Adresa: Miercurea Ciuc – România

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Prezentare Demers Artistic

„Art is a miraculous coincidence of effort, talent and imagination.”
Liberty and destiny together give sense to human life. The independent artist has the firm aim of following his destiny by constantly renewing his work of art. Botar Laszlo – by his permanent search for modern artistic language, by his persevering experimenting of new techniques, by his untiring imagination – has become a remarkable painter of Harghita county and not only.
His first compositions designed for public institutions presented him as a modern artist with original conceptions, interested in expressing ideas, decorative and functional elements in
perfect harmony.
Botar’s ardent need for work and for self-expression explain his presence at the fine art events in the country and abroad. The poetic and symbolic content of his work and his message explain his professional success and appreciation. His works are a skillful combination of grotesque and bizzare, of subtle and unquiet.
They prove as well that Botar Laszlo continues experimenting with forms and colours. The chosen motives have already been developed many times by unnumerable artists / poets, musicians, painters.
The way in which Botdr Laszlo treats them is captivating. „Each painting is – above all – a starting point from one sphere to another one” – declares the painter.
This idea is fully proved by the females presented in these paintings.
When combining the colours, Botar Laszlo seems to add to this combination a bit of his soul. These paintings are real mirrors of a dream-world, „certificates” of the visible existence.
They express man’s eternal doubt, his constant and endless search for certitude. While reproducing his ideas and feelings, the artist reproduces as well beauty and emotion.

Dr. Nicolae I. Bucur

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