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UAP | May 14, 2021

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Bucur Ioan Nicolae

Bucur Ioan Nicolae
Bucur Ioan Nicolae
Adresa: Str. Revoluţiei din Decembrie nr.15 / 9, Miercurea – Ciuc – România
Tel:+40752 070 425; +40266 372 817

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Prezentare Demers Artistic

Witnesses of an open universe

I have followed the participant artists of the recent edition of FREE CAMP in an honest and elegant confrontation, having as their partners SPATIUM and TEMPUS. In the first one they were moving in x directions, heading forward, in the second one they were preparing to
show their future crops.
What has been going on in the past twelve days is a reality of the individual, of the
essence of each artist, of the creating spirit, which can be checked in the selected works that the authors offered to the large public. Their visions and energies are settled in chromatic harmonies, in compositions in which the lights and shadows appear in rhythmic cadences of silence or agitation. We can also find creations loaded with spiritual searches, that interior burning which requires discovery. They are structural and visionary “experiments”, questions and answers given to our civilization.
The freedom in themes allowed for a freedom of imagination and fantasy, and
“entry” or “way out” into/from that ancestral energy which is still biologically and spiritually
present on this planet. This is why in each work of art we can see light and harmony,
nature and the human being, allowing the authors to find the “miracle”, the inner balance
Next to the works easily intelligible we can find those based more on suggestion,
on mystery. I have the feeling that our artists also paint dreams, reminding us of the old
saying: man was allowed to create and to re-create himself.

Dr. Nicolae Bucur

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