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UAP | May 24, 2022

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Budurean Ovidiu Cornel

Ovidiu Budurean
Budurean Ovidiu Cornel
Adresa: Bdul Ştefan cel Mare Nr 130 Bloc AN 41 Ap 21, Oradea – România
Tel: +40259 243 213, +40751 241 907

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Cele trei gratii

Three Graces

Prezentare Demers Artistic
‚Short time after graduating the college, Cluj, 1976, and until now, Ovidiu Budurean, student of Paul Sima, seems to have tried several temptations, several ways to paint, usually simultaneous, sometimes combined among themselves, inside an obvious endowment into picturality. Prodigious and difficult orchestrations of warm greys, the paintings present arabesques of vivid chromatic intensities, within the well-respected frame of soft figurativism sustained by a rich painterly form which transforms the objects and the static frame in real characters of a pictural drama consumed only in and through color. The warm, feeded, smooth picturality, the complexity of the set up, this last phase of the painter seems the most fulfilled, a fertile way.’


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