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UAP | July 6, 2022

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Călin Veronica

Călin Veronica
Adresa: Str. Mioriţei, bl. 34, sc. B, ap. 30, cod: 600183 – Bacău – România
Tel: +40749.153.749

Chemarea Toamnei - The Autumn call - broderie - 86 x 45 cm.

The Autumn call – broderie – 86 x 45 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

The artist Veronica Călin had an extremely laborious activity during these four decades being present in art galleries in individual or collective exhibitions,national and international painting salons where her works benefited from the public and specialist,s appreciation as the awards and distinctions gained can prove.She was a painting teacher for 39 years,was close to her students and influenced their spiritual growth.
The artist is a painter, drawer(book ilustrator),a textile artist in the expression of tapestry, a writer confessing a great sincerity and proving a vivid sensibility and a sustained aspiration for the higher area of the idea and meditation.The artist appeals to mixed tehniques,she uses the collage with a stylistic easiness,investigates the territory of deep significations,the aspiration to a new form of the purity of revelation and of the sacred being evident.The works have an aura of lyrism(Veronica is also the author of a poem volume titled ,,Confessions,, and ,,Interference,,)and an inner light,a peace that comes from deep inside.They weave a nostalgic meditative atmosphere capturing the soul and the thought into ample reveries
Carmen Mihalache- art critic,publicist,editor

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