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UAP | August 19, 2022

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Călugăru Ana

Calugaru Ana
Călugăru Ana
Adresa: Cluj Napoca – România

Compozitie 50x60 cm

Compoziton, 50×60 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Ana Călugăru works fit perfectly into modernity through emphasis on personal expression, of moods, of a dreaming or nostalgia. It is remarkable the vigor at painted reliefs forms, which are built with elegance and subtle plasticized. We have both strong colors and contrasts arranged on flat surfaces. Although each picture is emerging different tones and disharmonic forms, none is fully aware of stridency and the balance is perfect. The abstract shapes leave fine shadows on abstract plans where strokes overlap and intertwine delicately on different plans. Some are strong, rigid, others are playful, deconstructed. The line becomes the unique character, protagonist of the artist .Line is gesture and gesture mean the impression of the moment in works such as Earth, Heaven, Mystery, Genesis. Balanced compositions do not fall into the trap of the stokes outside the rule except of automatic dictate. Favorite colors are calm earth colors, those shades of yellow, ocher and green were action painintg meets abstractionism.
Balck circular shapes ordonates and unifies space and the background diffuse blue or green is sprinkled with shapes and red horizontal lines crossing the surface.

Ana Cânpean, art critic

website link: Călugăru Ana,