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UAP | December 8, 2022

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Conversii @ CAV

Conversii @ CAV
Nistor Laurențiu

Căminul Artei Gallery,

16,  Biserica Enei

Street, Bucharest

Vernissage: May 4, 18.00

Căminul Artei Gallery is pleased to invite you to the vernissage of Conversions

exhibition, signed by artist Florentina Otari and curated by Adriana Oprea.

Conversions is an abstract and  technical term,  impersonal and cold enough to explain the conceptual order of  Florentina Otari’s works.

Even if the beauty of Otari’s painting is of another type, she claims Agnes Martin as an interior point of reference  – an excellent model for an artist at the beginning of her career.

Florentina Otari’s painting is abstract but not amorphous, irrational, surrealist (one of the two great traditional forms of modernist abstract painting), but structured and rational. At first impression, it seems a system and algorithm, a repetitive pattern and a periodic structure in maths and geometry. You can hardly be disordered in relation to so much visual order.

Through the voices of the great founders of the abstract art  at the beginning of the twentieth century, we are told that within the relation of knowledge and contemplation subject (self) – matter (reality), this type of art gives up the outer object , since resulting the merger with the invisible, spiritual dimension of reality.

Just that it is less explicitly stated that plunging into spirituality, art indeed gives up the object, but then also its subject (for it is  precisely the relationship of dissociation and mutual exclusion between the two that  had so far removed it from the spiritual).

A small death of the self, similar to the annulment of the relationship  between the inside and the outside: meditative, Buddhist, spiritual, contemplative painting. A painting-medium: the abstraction as a beautiful personal micro-utopia.