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UAP | February 28, 2021

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Coruţ Gabriela

Coruţ Gabriela
Adresa: Str. Tomis nr. 10, bl. C5, sc. 2, ap. 24, sect. 3 – Bucureşti – România
Tel: +40216.474.627, +40724.285.062
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Portret - Portrait - tehnică mixtă - mixed teh.. - 65 x 55 x 30 cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

“Treating inevitably the costume as a social manifesto, as a complex and sophisticated act of communication, the author of this plastic and theoretical research highlights the motivations that develop one or the other of the routes of vestment, from the bare symbolism of the oldest forms (…) to the strategies of social hierarchy, (…) to the assertion and the differentiation of personal autonomy, from the mantle’s precise significance to fashion, (…) and from the seriousness of the message expressed to frivolity. The approach of Gabriela Caraman Coruţ discusses the relationship between the sign function in building codes and that very special sign that is the anthropomorphic sign.
The ‘void’ functions either as a ‘vacuum’ or as a ‘void matrix’, either as a game of hiding and exhibiting, each time being a cultural reference, so that the exhibiting allows a lot more subjects to meditate about than it seems at first glance. I would say that, even if reduced to some of the syntagms of the costume, we face a discourse about beauty.” (Prof. Dr. Alexandra Titu, Mogoşoaia, 2010)
“In the plastic expression of the vested body, from the form to the content, the fashion of the voids and the filled spaces works first through the plastic decoding of the image – the relationship system between void and filled spaces is interpretable as a ‘code’, as a method of analysis structured as a “key” in the process of visual communication.”
(G. Caraman Coruţ, Gol-ul şi Plin-ul: o interpretare plastică în modă, 2009)

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