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UAP | August 11, 2020

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Diaconescu Cristian Constantin

Diaconescu Cristian
Diaconescu Cristian
Adresa: Bld. Primaverii, nr. 19B, bl. T1, ap.17, Iași – România
Tel: +40742 022 841
web: ,

incosmicus,200x95 cm,ulei pe carton

Incosmicus, 200×95 cm. oil on cardboard

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Cristian Diaconescu art witnessing the establishment of iconographic synthesis by argument graphics, decorative and pictorial, vital, intelligent fast, with many allusions and symbolic connotations. A creative in step with current guidelines in the interaction with the environment, continuous widening horizon imaginative art-reality permanent dialogue, questioning spirit-matter and aesthetics.
Register a free evolution, spectacular. The status value of his creation lies in the communication structure of tense articulation of language and suggestive references employing trenchant existential and cultural issues consonant with the aspirations and ideals of the contemporary world.
Theodore Hasegan 2009

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