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UAP | August 18, 2019

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Beyond the lines – ten artists in-between discoveries @ ARCUB

Beyond the lines – ten artists in-between discoveries @ ARCUB
Beyond the lines – ten artists in-between discoveries
Artists: Ben Greber, Codruța Cernea, Victoria Zidaru, Ion Bârlădeanu, Hubert Hasler, Franziska Jyrch, Kristin Wenzel, Gili Mocanu ,Tanja Kodlin, Peter Hoiß.

ARCUB, Bucharest, with the support of Mogoșoaia Palace and Kulturamt Düsseldorf
Opening : 19 august 2016, 19.00

From July until September 2016, Kristin Wenzel is artist in residence at Mogoșoaia Palace. She is part of the Mogodorf residency exchange program, an already 10 years-long collaboration scheme between Kulturamt Düsseldorf and The Cultural Center Mogoșoaia Palace, Bucharest. Like some of the other, previously participating artists in the same exchange program, Kristin Wenzel was not only doing art on her own in Bucharest, but also opened the way to wider exchanges for artists friends accross Europe. A network of collaborating artists thus sprung off from the purely individual connections inside the vivid web of young art production. The institutions themselves function as a springboard for enlarging the scope of the personalized artistic endeavor, propelled by the irreducible experience of an artist discovering a city and its hidden or conspicuous cultural assets.

ARCUB, the main platform for cultural insertion onto the Bucharest art scene, promptly rallied to the proposals of the German artist. Beyond the lines – ten artists in-between discoveries is the result of the links established by Kristin Wenzel and gallerist Dan Popescu with German, Romanian and Austrian artists. It is not about an emerging art group. No shared ideology, not even common artistic techniques or aesthetic ideals make them to stick together. Notwithstanding their geographic and cultural particularities, their age and backgrounds, what is striking in their case is a common, deeper preoccupation with what one could call deviant lines or lines of deviation. A trans-cultural concept, the sticking-to-the line, and the subsequent need of slipping aside or coming accross it is unwrapped in the exhibition by means of paintings, installations, objects, and performances. The broken severity of the lines indicate either indictment or infringement in the works of Franziska Jyrch, or insinuates soft verticality in the works of Victoria Zidaru, while in the Peter Hoiß makes use of pipeline-codes as if semantic traffic signs. Kristin Wenzel herself is absorbed by the outstanding pattern-making capacity of the mere trace of a line, that leaves a shape from one single cut. Contrariwise, Tanja Kodlin is fascinated by the processed lines, straight lines wrinkled-out by stretching and crushing into visual spirals. The inner, inconspicuous but unending, irrational serpentine of the rigorously lined-up geometric shapes is at the core of the paintings of Gili Mocanu, whereas Ben Greber and Codruța Cernea use the lines as trustful, basic means of developing visual-writting idioms. In their turn, Ion Bârlădeanu and Hubert Hasler come with a fresh approach to the line, by thoroughly ignoring it. While all the other artists keep calm and rationally stick to the line, in a more or less critical manner, they simply break the stick down – they free from line away, fleeing to the ever messy bowels of abruptly displayed, subconscious desires.

Erwin Kessler, curator