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UAP | May 29, 2020

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Ionescu Doina Reghiş

Address: Str. Carpați, Nr.12, Bl. F, Ap. 4Deva, Jud. Hunedoara, România
Phone: 004 072447512



The monumental painting put the mark on my creation, a lot of works which I’ve realized over time were made as possible projects of parietal painting. The compositional construction was my constant concern. In my compositions with various themes the interest is felt for rhythmic forms and motives, climbing lines, dynamism, sometime undulate, creating new forms and expressive structures. In development works I’ve appeal a lot of figurative and non figurative subjects for a decorative aspect. I propose a journey into a conceptual universe where the symbols are integrated into rigorous selected images. The palette with some transparency is maintained by an ample repertory of warm grays tones. The real and the imaginary interfere but the processed elements I’ve paint them into my own vision.