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UAP | August 16, 2022

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Dragomir Marian Cătălin

Dragomir Marian Cătălin
Dragomir Marian Cătălin
Adresa: Deva – jud. Hunedoara – România
MANTA-dinamică închegată - MANTLE- curdle dynamic - lemn,sticlă - wood, glass - 16x28x35cm
MANTLE- curdle dynamic – wood, glass – 16x28x35cm
Prezentare Demers Artistic

Cătălin Dragomir represents one of the young visual artists, posessing an amazing sense of figurative and abstract forms. The artist – graduating “Ioan Andreescu” Visual Arts Academy, Cluj-Napoca, sculpture department – approaches the monumental, suitable for his expansive, nonconformist artistic personality. He manifests himself as a complex artist, taking up a rather various stylistic range of elements, starting with a classical dynamism, belonging to both integrated and urban monumental assemblies or public areas decorations and proceeding with a synthesis of figurative and conceptual elements, filled with spontaneity and motion for the rest of his works.

As well as metal and wood, he works with glass in mixed techniques, simplifying form to essence. His artworks are a playful combination of height and rational volume dose, which breaks due to vitality; they interact and float, giving birth to an unexpected harmony. The assemblies are technically maneuvred through thin, perfect cuts across the neat surface or, on the contrary, unpolished, raw forms that are willingly pinned. This changing of the materials results in a mixture of shadow and light alert rhythm, enriched with convexities and concavities of forms. The Brancusi-style reduction to minimum of the form in elementary contours introduces us in a world of space ambiguity that widely opens the form through space. Plenitude and emptiness meet in order to suggest motion and to generate sensitive effects. These fundamental, general features of the forms, as well as the usage of synthetic or essential figurative elements completely meet the needs of abstractionism logic.

From the themes point of view, the artist invites us to explore a land of archetypes and biomorphic forms, destined to create a bond between his work of art and the natural environment. Catalin Dragomir’s sculptural work resides in the metamorphic syntax, consisting in a personal approach and characterized by professionalism and ingenuity as basic features.

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