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UAP | January 27, 2023

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Fahrenheit 2300 / Ovidiu Ionescu @ Bucharest

Fahrenheit 2300 / Ovidiu Ionescu @ Bucharest
Nistor Laurențiu

Ovidiu Ionescu’s personal exhibition, configured strictly on morphological basis, brings together pieces of not less than five previous projects, their common denominator being the porcelain fired at 1260 ° C. The title paraphrases the famous novel by Ray Bradbury, respectively François Truffaut’s homonymous film, “Fahrenheit 451”, but the similarities stop at the fact that each physical-chemical process involving temperature has its threshold. The number 2300 comes from simply converting Celsius – Fahrenheit given by the formula T (° F) = T (° C) × 9/5 + 32.
What happens in the exhibition, in fact what matters, does not involve chemistry, but both art and what curators call the exhibition game. An exhibition-installation designed specifically for the space of Contemp Gallery, with pedestals and unconventional suspension systems designed to provide the best visibility for the works of art in terms of dialogue and interference. The main key is the relationship between one and multiple: many cycles, one exhibition; series of works, the same idea; various forms, one unique combustion type. Something else than just a retrospective exhibition: a new one, based on ideas that have stood the test of time and quality till now, each in its different context.

Mihai Plămădeală, curator