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UAP | May 22, 2022

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Fuiorea Valentin

vasile fuiorea
Fuiorea Valentin
Adresa: Aleea Mioriţei, Bl. 3, sc. 1, et. 1, ap. 7, Târgu Jiu – România
Tel: +40723 258 266

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Cosmogonie ,acrilic pe pânz¦, 160 ,100 , 2009

Cosmogony -acrylic – on – canvas , 160×100 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Landscape as necessity of painting

Painting of Mr. Vasile Fuiorea is a painting of springtime exuberance of the permanent leap, of strongly inner impulses felt in all things seen.
Thus there is a write things in their tracks left by air, and their substances – water, air, fire and earth – then leave the past in the lines and gestures are signs of things after they have passed through the lights quickly our eyes. Such memories of things go through secret paths followed souls to the land rush things and reveries. In routes, tracing actually approximations in shape and color depending on the state comes time. And obviously, such transitions are accelerated and states are rapidly changing, floating, producing numerous variations seen started to know one characteristic rhythm, precipitated the states of aggregation.
Things go like clouds in the sky, like water flowing eddy, undulate in languages ​​like fire tongues or sit germinating and sprout into the light as if they receive land fertility. Everything in the picture is, how inevitable in the sense of species landscape painting easel – beating wings open people’s faces even now puts the earth, the flowers open and swayed by the wind, golden ridges of hills, water flow in white shaded, cool night firmament of heaven, and forgotten things quietly placed on the table as a large wavy primary fields, plains seen from above and the sky streaked with clouds seen below, the blood pulsing through the vascular system, gathering the road curves to the oval frame a mirror, and again blue foliage rustling trees virându static nature into pink as a snack food …. Elementals conjugates, intertwine, mix but always orders the sight of native model.
This view is on canvas landscape, this memory is, in moments of creation, day-dream, dreaming. Real time updates exuberant seen in fantasy dream, but retains a painting concreteness to incur opportunity to view the color structure and to recognize shapes as gestures opportunity to achieve. Gesture itself is an opportunity to indicate inner states and this is an opportunity for the author to recognize what he saw in the world, landscape, where, in fact, mood is an opportunity for the world to formulate to provide in landscape. A quick landscape, lightning, saw tracks, poured into angular lines and fixed fortuitous spots, provided as a set of comets.
,,Action painting” and tachisme, forming technical support and representation, expression and style, image structure so that content, communication is always going to landscape and have the same result each time, meaning landscape. There seems to be no question as a result is supported as a reflection of inner bearing moments of states that no longer exists and the impulses belonging to a projective horizon.
It seems that the Hobita Gorj places were able to raise and educate not only painters and sculptors as Constantin Blendea and Ion Sulea Gorj. Among them the younger generation of artists finds its due place and Vasile Fuiorea with his painting, I saw it young and enthusiastic.
Professor PhD Ioan Iovan, Critic of art

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