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UAP | October 5, 2022

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Ganta Mihaela Florentina

Nistor Laurențiu
Ganta Mihaela Florentina
Adresa: Str. Victoriei 21, Studio/Colonia Pictorilor – Baia Mare – jud. Maramureş – România
e-mail: mihaelaganta@yahoo.com

Mama, tata şi copiii - Mom, dad and the kids - tehnică mixtă - mixed teh.

Mom, dad and the kids – mixed teh.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Remarkable on the series, before everything, is the beauty of the line, the graphic features, the line unwrapping on a tempo that varies with the state of mind of the author, between briskness and yearning. She soars on the paper, in ample curves, open, or enclosed within resumative ovoids. It breaks in full momentum, or delays in details and pitoresque twisting, weaving complicated webs to capture the soul. The portrait, which is more of a ‘state of portrait’ rather than a passive duplicate of a face in a mirror, blossoms from certain notations, assembled and balanced on a real or imaginary model, mostly imaginary. The approach on the shape builds a clear will of essentiality, but also a sure disposition towards intelligent, free game, which spares the image from the risk of dryness. The colors used most frequently on the series are blue, pink and faded, unpassionate, spiritualized red. They present a form of instability, generated by the fotosensible substance applied on the paper, instability that is followed closely, because Mihaela Ganta despises stiffness and permanent installation.
The works contained in the series will illustrate the idea of OPEN MASTERPIECE (OPERA APERTA).

Dr. Mihai PAMFIL

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