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UAP | November 28, 2022

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Gheorghiță Cristian

Gheorghiță Cristian
Nistor Laurențiu

Adresa: Str. Mihai Viteazul Nr.6, Bl. D2, Sc. D, Ap.47, Birlad, Vaslui – România
Tel: +40753 147 718 / +40737 136 412

Fabrica de suflete, ulei pe panza, 120x100cm, 2018


Prezentare Demers Artistic

“Cristian Gheorghita proves a certain conceptual fervor, through which the plastic expression generates a spontaneous metaphoric dialog and the feeling that you are floating with your soul at peace towards the ethered depths of symbolism. The rich palette of shapes and suggestions shows that his creation is a harmonious synthesis between archaic and modern, for the primordial elements of a lost world have now new meanings, the organic structure being crafted through modern means of plastic expression. The artist didn’t do it grandiloquent, but in a convincing manner that encourages you to see everything he meant. His entire plastic work represents fluids and continuity that “adorn the symbols into eternity’, connecting parallel realms, long gone, but certainly brings plastic value to a extremely interesting past, to the detriment of a pretty dull present. It’s amazing how the artist – with the eyes of mind and dream – captured these successive crossfades and intertwines between things, states and metamorphosed beings belonging to a world which he didn’t generate, even believing that you are dealing with a collector that is purging a road of returning to the beginning of life.” (dr. Laurențiu Chiriac)

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