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UAP | November 28, 2021

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Gheorghiță Marilena

Ghiorghiţă Marilena
Gheorghiță Marilena
Adresa: Str. Poștei, nr. 6, Ploiesti – România
Tel: +40740 000 017
e-mail: marilena.ghiorghita@yahoo.com
web: ,

„Medievală”, 60x60 cm, acrilic pe pânză

“Medieval” – 60×60 cm. -acrylic on canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Painting is about colour. As an artist I fell that, beside the skeleton, the work’s flesh plays an essential part in that it creates the atmosphere. I believe the warm ranges of colours define me the best.
The works of Lucian Grigorescu and those of Bonnard had a strong influenec on me. I like the light and shadow effects, the old houses, the porches, the architectural details, the objects in my studio. I prefere working in the open air that’s why I enjoy art camps and research trips.
I love experimenting mixed tecniques. I like the collage, the graphic, the pastel, the watercolour and the acrylic techniques and the combinations between them. I also like the glass icon technique.

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