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UAP | December 9, 2022

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Gogu – Craiu Lucian

Nistor Laurențiu
Gogu - Craiu Lucian
Gogu – Craiu Lucian
Adresa: Aleea Viforului, 14, Piatra Neamț – România
Tel: +40746097508

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CREATIE (creation), dimensiune 50x40 cm, uleipanza (oil on canvas)

Creation -50×40-cm- oil on canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Valentin Ciucă about Lucian Gogu-Craiu:
A liminar survey finds that while many artists are interested in the painting of Victor Brauner, from Neamt city, few are interested to be registered as volunteers in mantle of his surrealist vision and style. Such findings, overall valid also allows an exception. It is called Lucian Gogu-Craiu. Metaphysical painting appears to interest him and from the dialogues with the art of Brauner there are resulting spiritual similar compositions. The painter actually tries a re-reading of the work of this bizarre and challenging innovative and holds the elements of plastic stage and some stylistic tricks. Thus, the characters are inhabitated by an inner void, they lack any personality, vaguely floating through an imaginary and abstract land scape. Bodiless silhouettes evoke the identity void and the dramatic fragility of matter in relation to the dalinian persistence of memory and of spirit. The painter seems, some other times, free of any possible connections and unprecedentedly paginates images so that the impression of strangeness and random may not be avoided. In fact, what the painter presented us at this point may be subordinated to the idea of a tribute to Victor Brauner. In this way things are clarified and ensure continuity and not more obedience…

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