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UAP | December 8, 2022

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Ilea Rareș Corneliu

Nistor Laurențiu
Ilea Rareș Corneliu
Adresa: Sos. Alba Iulia nr.20, Sibiu – România
Tel: +40725.225.900

Cinci - Five


Prezentare Demers Artistic

“Ilea Rares combines intricated geometric form in articulated space with playful interpretation of reality condensed sequences where the artifact becomes archetypal and endowed with magical and evocative powers . Due to the materials used (metal, marble, wood … ) epitomizing the same geometric shape it appears different from a spatial and expressive point of view . But with the use and combination of materials inspired , which characterizes his work, is especially diversity obtained by calling various formal and stylistic expression codes from quasi – abstract geometriesl until closeness ( often taken as identity threshold ) the immediately perceptible reality . The most interesting part of this artistic endeavor , arises from those expressed in the key tools and equipment paradoxical . But this character- inspired improvised rustic flavor and playful ironic approach , with its pseudo- util- free shaped work becomes a symbolic accent with few particulat suggestiveness . Ilea Rares proves to be a definite fulfilling promise of Sibiu’s fine art of tomorrow . ”
Valentin Muresan – Art Critic
Word from personal exhibition in 2005
As a concern in the future , I believe that the involvement of digital art in their own creation , the principle of composition of forms in motion, the three-dimensional projection can be supplemented suggestive of time and space as an evolutionary process .
I wish at the same time for the digital world not to turn me to a parallel world given by God , a world made ​​of a radiant projection in which, although the material lacks the space to be created synthetically. I want to build relieved table spaces without fully penetrating a virtual world , the one offered by a computer. But I use it for my document imaging business. It gives me the opportunity to play with it as any other instrument. I am concerned the relationships that exists between form , volume , space and time on the one hand and the desire to spiritualize image in expressing thoughts, inner feelings . I would like a sculpture, poetry , poetry of sculpture.

Rares Corneliu Ilea

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