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UAP | August 17, 2022

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Irimia Diana

Irimia Diana
Adresa: România
Tel: +40748. 204.088



Prezentare Demers Artistic

Sources of inspiration: hieratism of the byzantine forms, decorative accents from the Romanian popular art, Greek and Oriental mythology and symbolism, surrealistic framing
Working techniques: acrylic on cardboard/ wood, mixed technique with coloured pencils, gold leafing, specific to church paintings
Vision: „The same as every act of creation has its own alchemy, so does its matrix. In the 21st century, an artist who has something to say cannot afford to be only eclectic in this regard”, says Diana Irimia. In her works, every concept suffers a transmutation not only of the hypostases and the working techniques, but also of the way it demonstrates how it self-deconceptualizes, only to enable itself to re-conceptualize further on. This is the mystic, the mythic side which puts back the aliveness in this artist’s works. „I’ve always let the viewer establish his own pole of perception. The human-divine ratio may certainly be associated with the yin-yang relationship, the human side containing thus a grain of divinity, and the divine side holding all together the frailties of the human nature. The equilibrium of perception lies somewhere, in the equidistant place between the extremes.”
Diana Irimia

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