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UAP | February 29, 2020

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Kocsis-Josan Cornelia

Kocsis-Josan Cornelia
Kocsis-Josan Cornelia
Adresa: B-dul Vasile Milea, 13, ap. 2, Arad – România
Tel: +40257 250 301; +40741 737 798

Plant structures, 90/100 cm, oil / canvas, 2009

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Cornelia Kocsis-Josan
(…) The solar presence is reflected by the color dominant yet everything is
about a sun whose mild heat gets closer to the twilight. Everything is wrapped
up in a golden yellow.
(…) The convex superior curves, suggesting the profile of the sky vault,
like an echo of the concave ones at the basis, symbolizing the feminine
receptivity of the earth, contain, hold and gather the restlessness of the seeds
between them.
The image reminds us of the cosmogony of the Hindoo who considers the
immediate reality as something in permanent transformation, something you
should not trust, Maya, the illusion. What is important and trustful is only the
permanence, the great cosmic cycle, which makes everything subordinate to a
sublime and cosmic geometry.
On the strength of her balanced attitude, Cornelia Josan – Kocsis
coordinates the motion of the seeds in some dynamics governed by an order
existing beyond these. They gravitate on different trajectories around a centre,
which is only suspected. A bunch of dry squashes, with tropical creepers, placed
on a wooden table, becomes the model of a cosmogony and the capsules full of
seeds become some stars.
Thus the artist’s way of configuration encounters that “nisus formativus”
identified by Blaga, reminding us of the structures of verses.
The impression is converted into expression – “This nisus, says the
philosopher, makes the things leave their individuality and partially their
species, in order to become the expressions of a spirit or universal principle,
stoicheion, of an element which surpasses individualities and species.” (Lucian
Blaga, The Trilogy of Culture, Ed. Minerva, Bucharest, 1985, p. 170). (…)
Ph.d. Onisim Colta
Translation into English: Rita Tasi

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