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UAP | July 5, 2022

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Kovács Géza

Geza Kovacs
Kovács Géza
Adresa:Str. Luceafărului, Nr. 15, Bl. 60D, Ap.14, Sf. Gheorghe, Jud. Covasna – România
Tel: +407317.130.865

Dificultate Difficulties, bronze, 14x31x16 cm


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Cheerful Sculptures

I have noticed these sunny artworks exhibited here by  Kovács Géza, already years before. I have not known the artist, but I have known his works in turn. I knew that he has been partaking abroad in significant camps and exhibitions and that he has become a remarkable sculptor, as you can see today, when he brought us here this genuine forest of artifacts. These are works thought with great attention. At first sight we can see that they make use of found, ready-made objects. This practice, however is less important with him than with any other artists. I have in mind for instance Picasso, who turned upside down a bycicle handle-bar and a saddle, turning them into a bull.
Here we have another situation. The sculptor Kovács Géza incorporates these objects, these rustic set of instruments, but they gain a secondary connotation and gradually turn into a mysterious material, becoming something new. They get ennobled, they become humanized, turning someway int signs of the social space, retaining of course a certain degree of the freshness of these elements. They do conserve something of their initial quality and functionality too, which they transform, generating something else. The artist takes them out of the domain of reality and turns them into a symbolical sphere, into a sphere of the significances.
Through this procedure, in my opinion, these objects gain artifact qualities. We find here two types of craftworks. Some of them are made of bronze, being self-standing artworks, the others of iron: “assamblages” to name them with the term of the classical avantgarde. The artist transformed the objects he has found during his wanderings into assamblages. The dialogue with these artworks reserve us many surprises. They drive us to meditate and to make an intellectual effort to decipher their message.
We will never make out integrally these messages however, a certain mistery does remain, that constitutes in fact an element of art.
I would recommend to the attention of todays aediles such works that could be magnified becoming real contemporary monuments.
Gheorghe Vida, art criticist, March 1, 2005, ARTIS Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

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